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Perforated Metal Machine

High speed blanking press

C-Type Perforated Metal Machine

Plano-Type Perforated Metal Machine

Expanded Metal Machine

Expanded Metal Machine

auxiliary device
Leveling Machine

Shearing machine

High speed blanking press


ITEM CFD-600 CFD-800 CFD-1250 CFD-2000 CFD-3000
Capacity -Ton 60 80 125 200 300
Rated Tonnage Point (Above B.D.C.) -mm 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2
Stroke Length -mm 30 30 30 30 30
Strokes Per Minute (S.P.M.) 200-550 200-550 200-500 150-350 100-300
Die Height (S. D. A. U.)-mm 340 360 380 400 420
Slide Adjustment -mm 50 50 50 60 70
Bolster Area (LR X FB)-mm 850x600 1100x700 1300x800 1800x900 2000x1000
Slide Area (LRxFB)-mm 790x450 1000x500 1200x600 1700x700 2000x900
Bed Opening(LRxFB)-mm 700x200 900x200 1100x210 1535x350 1500x350
Side Opening (LRxH)-mm 300x300 350x350 400x400 450x450 450x450
Main Motor-HP VS 20 VS 30 VS 40 VS 50 VS 60
Air Pressure Required Kg/cm2 5 5 5 5 5

C-Type Perforated Metal Machine


-Semi-Auto Checkered Plate Production Line

-Checkered Plate Main Machine

-Perforated Metal Machine/Automatic Net Making Machine/

-Fully (Semi) Automatic Net Making Machine

-Deep Throat Dual-Bearing NC-CNC Automatic Feeding High Speed Screen Pressing Machine

-Automotive Production Line With Auto feeding System For Manufacturing Cable Tray Perforated Sheet

-Single punch perforation machine

Specification :

1. Thickness : 0.4~20.0mm
2. S.P.M. : 0~120 Strokes Per minute


Products: This machine is suitable for the market which needs various patterns. The easy-changing punch dies can save a lot of time when on change mould. Also, saving much investment on different moulds, if you required large range on material thickness. The perforated metal m/c is your best choice.

Perforated mesh is a product that has been widely used in various areas, including construction, remodeling, air filter on the ceiling, isolation, kitchen utensils, stereo system and lawn furniture.


-Fully (Semi) Automatic Net Making Machine / Semi-Automatic Perforated Metal Making Machine (Throat Type) Wind of lathing:1000m/m1220m/m

-The body is made by adopting with strong steel plate and is assembled in welding. It can bear great impact after being absorbed by stress. So it will not deformed forever.

-Finished Product Size: 4*8 feet / 4*10 feet / 5*10 feet

-Suitable Material: Stainless Steel, Hot Rolled Black Steel, Aluminum....Special Material is WELCOME.

-Minimum Punching Hole Diameter: 0.5mm

-The Main Bearing and Connecting Bearing have been coated with PHOSPHOR BRONZE which will increase the wear feature of machine as driving with high speed.

-Deep-Throat, Dual-Bearing, Automation.

-Punching Ability: 150~200 Ton

-Reciprocating operation

-Manpower saving

-Automatic filling lubrication

-Automatic process from feeding to finish products

This machine is suitable for the market which needs various patterns. The easy-changing punch dies can save a lot of time when on changing mould. Also, saving much investment on different moulds, if you required large range on material thickness. The perforated metal machine is your best choice.

Products: Checkered Plate (5 claws) / Checkered Plate (Rice Pattern)

Spinning, Wearing, Building, Machine, Plywood, Coal Tar,  Electron, Glassware,  Heat Treatment, Leather, Plastic flowers, Earthenware/Pottery/Crockery, Cast Iron, Printing Skill, Nicotine Weed/Tobacco, Rubber, Chemical, Mineral, Paper Industry, Pharmacy, Metal Industry, Ceramics, Bottle Industry,  Cement, Grocery Industry and others.....

Plano-Type Perforated Metal Machine


Automatic Perforated Metal Making Machines (Plano Type)

Model: CF-7500 CF-10000 CF-12500 CF-15250


  Automatic Perforated Metal Making Machines (Plano Type)  Plano-type automatic perforated metal making   machine, produce various kinds of machinery of the perforated metal net.

Specification :

  • Steel coil thickness: 0.5~2.0mm Max.

  • Steel coil width: 1,250mm Max.

  • Perforated net hole diameter: Diameter 2.0~10.0mm.

  • Working space required: about 3M X 7M.

  • Applicable material: various kinds of metal sheets.

  • Motor: 20~30Hp.

  • Voltage: 220/380/420.

  • S.P.M: 60~150/Min.

  • Thickness : 0.4~3.0mm

Automatic Expanded Metal Making Machine

Type: Rhomb Expanding Net Machine (CF-96 & CF60) / Maquinas para fabricar metal desplegado

Description :Rhomb Expanding Net Machine(CF-96)

  • WIND OF LATHING:1220m/m~2440m/m

  • SPM:100~300

  • THICKNESS:8.0mm Max

  • MOTOR:15-30hp

0.7mm max
4mm max
1.0mm max
10mm max
1.6mm max
14mm max


3.0mm max
34mm max
8.0mm max
40mm max


Speaker Net, Air/Oil Filler, Ornamental Net, Electric fan Net, B.B.Q . Barbecue Net, Radar Net, Security Fence, Construction Net, Industrial Net, Catwalk. others.....


Pneumatic Plastic Leather Punching Machine


  1. Plano-Type, High Speed

  2. Can feed with Frame Wider

  3. The largest width up to 6feet


Leveler / Leveling Machine

Description :

WIDTH: 96" WIND OF LATHING : 2440mm Max


Levels off the end product either (or end product) flatness puts in order the raw material to wants the radian

Shearing machine

1. This cutting machines shelf/frame adopts the strong steel frame construction.

2. with Flat cutting blade: 1 unit

3. Maximum Sheet/Coil Material Width: 1250mm

4. Motor *1 set

5. Mass Production Controlling is combined with the Punch Machine

6. Special Function: You can also cut the coil and sell the sheets directly.

7 Cut-to-length function: the cutting machine adopt cutting without waste

8. Electrical Control Box

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